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tv   Virginia 7th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 31, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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creating thousands of jobs. perdue will bring common sense to washington. >> i'm next, a debate among candidates running for a house seat in the virginia seventh district. after that, a debate in the alaska senate race. next, a debate in virginia seventh congressional district race between jack trammell and david brett. the rothenberg political
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report's rollcall report indicates republican. the debate took place at randall college. [applause] you, mayor. it is now my pleasure to introduce our candidates. is both an economics professor and a chair of our economics business department. wife have two children. tran -- drama -- tra mmell serves as an associate professional -- professor of sociology.
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he has been an indispensable resource at the college. reside nearife virginia. six of their children are in college. --m also delighted [laughter] delighted to be sharing the stage with heather sullivan, in bestie twelves news anchor extraordinaire. 12, ourl thanks to nbc media sponsor, for its generosity and support. i will now ask heather to review the format, ground rules, and a corm. >> thank you. thank you to our audience members. thank you to our candidates for being here. you have been given the rules and the format for the debate. i will give up quickly cap. both candidates will each be
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given two minutes for an opening statement and two minutes for a closing statement. there was a coin toss -- to --t -- x-ray dr. trammell will answer the first question. will answer second. we will reverse the order for each question. the candidates will both be asked the same question. they will each get two minutes to respond to that question. you may also use that two minutes to rebut anything that the other candidate has to say. there are some rules for the audience. we would like to ask you to silence your cell phones. however, we would like to encourage you to tweet during the debate. #rncvite you to use the debate.
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we would like to ask you to hold your applause until the end. if you do burst out while the candidates are speaking, you would take away their time to speak. we ask that you hold on to that until the end. don't show that you any signage, nothing visible, nothing audible, either in support or opposition to either candidate. if there are any violations to the rules, you will be asked to leave the auditorium. we are in for a really active and interesting debate this evening. lets go ahead and get started. again, dr. trammell you won the coin toss. we will begin with you. good luck, gentlemen. >> thank you. how great to be here tonight. i love history. the history that got us here is a very interesting history. a few months ago, i was sitting in my office a few buildings away from here. i did not know that i was going to be running for congress.
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i talked to ago, dave on the phone and he said, i think i'm going to win this primary. like many others, i thought, ok. [laughter] ago, people at this college were inundated by the media after a dramatic primary victory. anyone on campus at the time remembers that that was not. nuts.t was the amazing thing about history is that it only gets us to this point. what is not written yet is what is to come. thomas jefferson has a quote that i love. he said, i like history, but i live the dreams of the future much better. tonight, you will hear from both of us. alternate visions for the future. we will hear about how we're going to take care of that. haugen to take care of that's very held to take care of seniors. -- how we are going to take care of veterans.
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how are going to take care of seniors. this is democracy in action. a high schoolom show me what democracy and actions were. those were tough questions. i'm proud to be here tonight proud to see all of you. proud to know that you're watching. this is democracy in action. i'm excited to be a part of it. thank you. you for hosting this great debate tonight. thank you for hiring me 18 years ago to teach the greatest students one could ever imagine. thank you for coming out tonight. it is an honor to be here. i am running for congress because washington is broken. obamacare is raising insurance costs and lowering the quality of your health care. 200 50,000 virginians will lose their health insurance policies
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and a smile. in november, right after the election, because of obamacare. $1.7 trillion in excessive regulation is crushing our economy at present. illegal immigration on our southern border has not only cause a humanitarian crisis, but the border has now become a national security threat because of isis. the retirement programs that we promise to our seniors will be bankrupt in less than 20 years. if we do get to work to preserve and protect those programs. i taught economics for 18 years, and i have never seen an economy or labor market where college students, 40% of college students, will not get jobs on graduation in the field of their choice that is not good. i believe we need to send an economist to washington dc. sell these economic problems and restore trust and our vital american institutions, principles, and values. president obama said it very clearly the other day, his
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policy are on that ticket. make no mistake about it. you can vote for someone who supports president obama's policies or you can vote for someone who knows from hundreds of years of economic history that top-down, centralized, government planning fails every single time. it has been tried. i want to go to congress to restore the american free market system. i want to restore our economy. i want to be a check against president obama's failed agenda. i am running because i believe in america. i believe that we can make tomorrow better and brighter than yesterday. i would ask for your vote this coming tuesday. thank you. >> lets begin with our first question. trammell, should the federal government's best response to the above a crisis -- do you support a travel ban
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from west african countries? >> i think we have responded correctly. we have been trying to use processes that the cdc has put into place braid we have tried to be proactive. some of our congressional databases here in virginia have suggested that we should have been more proactive. i tend to feel that we can not air on the side of being too proactive. however, i am also hesitant to act out of fear. there has been a noticeable fear factor in how we have been reporting on this, and how we have been reacting to it. i would urge caution and i would are just to look at the procedures we have in place. now we are using the consequence for that. moreover, i would say that we need to use targeted fight bans, and not bring our economy to a halt with draconian measures that are not targeted. we have responded. we have -- we can respond better. it should be very targeted.
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>> thank you. when it comes to ebola and the goodenges we face, it is to retrace the administration's position. in the first incident, they said ebola will never make it to our borders. and the second place, they said it would never break out of hospitals. in the third place, they gave instance after instance of cdc and thend that leaders on this issue did not contain the threat. now we are faced with this. i'd ever with jack on this. i think we should have quarantined western african nations and the flights coming in. financial to the markets. a black swan event. it is a low probability event that has catastrophic consequences. that is what ebola is. it is a low probability event that has catastrophic consequences for this entire nation if we do not treat them properly.
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what do i mean by that? as a conservative, if there is a catastrophic event coming our way, any conservative in your basic intuition would be saying that it is inconvenient at the airport, someone gets a little upset, or there is a quarantine for 21 days. that does not stand in comparison to the catastrophic affects a good affect all of us and your children in the future. i think the basic conservative impulse is to close down and be safe and secure our border and safety at every point we can. this instance, it is not isolated but when it comes to president obama our safety security has not been well guarded. the southern border, 50 thousand of,00,000 young orphans cross the border in what we call at humanitarian crisis. at came to pass when iran in the primary, iran against those policies. the president ran for them.
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they have been an absolute catastrophe for those kids and for our country. i would like to secure our borders and secure ebola as best we can. thank you. there has been substantial debate about the affordable health care act, including several bills passed by the u.s. house of representatives aimed at certain provisions of the law. what if any changes would you like to make to the law in order to increase access and affordability of health care for central virginians? >> thank you. i would repeal and replace obamacare immediately. economist. market i take free market seriously great obamacare is a federal top-down product. it has a mandate system that is already failing. 250,000 virginians are going to lose her health insurance this month after the november election. that is not by consequence. that is by intent. they pushed that decision so that you would not see the
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consequences of obamacare and have to deal with that before the election day. the employer mandate will be equally troublesome. they pushed that beyond the 2015 election day. obamacarepremise of was they were going to take care of 45 million people who are uninsured. that is a good thing. guess what happened? only 18 million people were taken care of at a cost of $80,000 per person. that is your federal government at work. we do not mention the biggest unintended consequence. a disrupted health care for 250 other -- 250 million other americans. it only provided to 18 million at $80,000 per person. basic promisehe again. they are important. obamacare was going to get rid of our emergency room problem. that is an inefficiency. hospitals are overcharging in ers in passing that on to you. ismacare has not showed --
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all that problem at all. er usage is up. under obamacare, we were process -- from as you could eat your doctor-patient relationship, you your insurance policy through that is no longer true. we lost that. ,nstance after instance obamacare has not lived up to its promise. because, i have not even mentioned the kitchen table issues. the top two issues for every virginian is obamacare is crushing jobs along with the regulatory burden that the federal government has placed on our economy. thank you. >> dr. trammell. >> let me return to the previous session. two points of clarification. number one, president obama is not on the ballot in this district. i want to make sure everybody knows that. number two, i did say already that i was in savor of targeted
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quarantined. i think david and i are in agreement on that point. in terms of the aca, the major goal is to reduce the number of people who are uninsured and could increase the number of people who could have access to some basic care. actually, we have added 11 million people, depending on how you estimate that. that was the original purpose. checked the box office the other thing has to do with cost. we know that health care inflation in the last two years is the lowest it has been in the modern era. checked the box office. boxes off.e andrew was a student here. i taught him. i work with him. thousandsed tens of of dollars, but they only net as small amount. it is a business with a lot of overhead. there is a very small margin. andrew told me that he
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essentially and his brother were going without health care is a cannot afford it. they took the plan under the aca, he got care under the plan and said it was good. made thehim, difference. that is what it was supposed to do. it has helped a million to 11 million people get insurance. lets not lose track of what the original intention of aca was. do we need to fix things? of course. small-business exemptions. we need to help small businesses who are struggling under that burden. there are aspects of it that were not formulated correctly. we need to fix an iron out the details. we cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater. we cannot turn the hands of time backwards. >> inc. you. >> dr. trammell. undocumented immigrant students, these efforts had been known as the dream act. it would repeal federal policies
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that discourage states from offering these students post secondary education benefits and provide legal permanent status. do you support these efforts? >> i do. i met students going to virginia tech and other schools in our state. they are in medical school. soon-to-be doctor i met is a straight a student. i met an engineer in the same program. these are people who are going to contribute to our prosperity here. i support the dream act. i support comprehensive immigration reform. this is the only congress in history that has utterly failed at immigration reform. think about it. my family immigrated here in 1671 the port of alexandria. immigration is in part what the greatness of this country is built on. we have never felt like this before.
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you have to ask yourself the question, is the problem of immigration, or is the problem a do-nothing congress? is, do-nothing congress? we need to pass comprehensive immigration form -- reform. security, visas, pathways to citizenship, everything to together. we have done it before. we can do it again. we know that the shelflife on immigration reform is usually 10 years to 20 years. the world changes. it will not stay the same. we have never felt so utterly as we did this time. the next congress has got to get it right. >> thank you. act, ially, the dream have posed in my primary. to be clear, when jack mentions a comprehensive immigration reform, that sounds nice. a lot of central planning from washington dc sounds nice. the house bill and the senate million illegals
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coming across our border under the pathway to citizenship. just to be clear, it is illegal. no one in the room is against immigration. we are a country of immigrants. we need to get at what a truly compassionate policy is. i oppose the dream act. i say we should not do it. president obama and the congress were in favor of it. as a result, president obama pursued what is called -- he overrode the congress and the will of the people. policy thatplace a resulted in 50,000 to 100,000 orphans crossing the border. i love every single person. i taught third world economic development for 18 years. it is nothing against the people coming across the border. lets ask ourselves what true compassion looks like. if you want to help these cannot take 7 billion
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people into this country. the reason the rest of the world was to come here is because we have the role of law. that is why everyone wants to come here. we have the rule of law. we have private property rights. we have a free market system. because we have those three things, we are the envy of the world and are the greatest nation on earth. that is why everyone wants to come here. as an economist, i understand what made us great. you don't want to ruin the pieces of the institution that we put into place and made us great. compassion, ite is not for a few thousand people. lets get countries moving again. that is true compassion for hundreds of millions of people. >> thank you. our next question. do you support increasing the federal minimum wage? why or why not? >> i do not support raising the minimum wage.
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i am an economist. if you just take the basic case study, seattle. they are raising the minimum age to $15 an hour. upon announcement, what did restaurants do. they started firing waiters and waitresses immediately. ,conomic science is a science and it is the science of the unseen. what you look at is the minimum wage increases the wages for people who keep their jobs. that is the good part of a what is the bad part? the part you don't see is that people that got fired. businesses are in business. everybody knows in business, 90% of restaurants go under. that is a basic fact. native and a double the wage rate to $15 per hour. what you think will happen? they can't make profits. they will have to lay people off. there are already laying people off.
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the regulatory burden that the government has been put on them. the epa, energy costs. , etc.. the last thing you want to do is to raise the price of labor. the best way to help these is the way it happened in economic history. the wage rate is the same thing as your productivity. if you want to increase the wage rate for real, instead of artificially, increase the productivity. they are competing in a global economy right now. we are not doing well. , our kids aretion scoring at the bottom of science and mathematics in industrialized world. at the bottom. if you want to increase wages for america -- by the way, the bottom 80% --
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>> time. >> we need an economist to go to the easy to fix it. thank you. >> dr. trammell. >> i think immigration should be added to these lists of the institutions that have made this country great. in terms of minimum wage and these people, i was one of those people. made two dollars an hour baling hay and putting it into a barn for my neighbor. at that time, the minimum wage was increased to something like two dollars and $.12 an hour -- $2.12 an hour. we had a meeting with the barn owner. his hand and ended up paying us two dollars and $.12 an hour for the rest of the summer. -- $2.12 an hour for the rest of
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the summer. enough money use to buy my own car. when we talk about the minimum wage, i can bring up my seven no seven nobelst -- economist who say the going to $10.10 an hour would have a good effect. i would rather say that i support the minimum wage. i have looked at the evidence myself. i see the evidence that it raises people up into the middle class who become consumers, buy cars, go to college. that is the way to prosperity in this country. >> thank you. >> dr. trammell. mandatory expenditures, including social security, medicare, and medicaid are consuming a growing share of the federal budget. totaled nearly 60% of all federal spending. how do you propose managing the federal budget while meeting the
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promises that were made to generations of americans? i never flip-flop on social security or some of the other programs that are so vital to our veterans. weave made the promise that are not going to make us. i don't want to react to a climate of fear. instead, what i would like to see us do is to return to some very basic concepts about -- as individuals, we follow them all the time. i have to balance my checkbook. i have to pay down my credit card debt. we have to start by balancing the budget in this country. looking to the pass, when we had a series of years where we have balanced the and jewel budget, that enabled us to eat into the debt that we need to deal with. we are complicated here by the fact that we keep doing things -- we go to iraq one spirit we go a second time. now we're going to go a third time.
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what if we accomplish? why are we going back again? we have spent trillions going there. it has not been in the budget. it comes back to some simple concepts that we need. effort on the hill to work together to balance our annual budget. we spread outwards from there. that is how we begin to tackle the issue. we did not get there overnight. it took years for us to get into this situation. we are not going to wave a magic one or push that red button. we will have to work at it. we need to bounce the annual budget. >> thank you. >> first thing i want to say is that i have pledged when i started running my primary can pain to preserve and protect all the programs we have for seniors. he just talked about the national debt. he did not mention the question asked. asked about the unfunded liabilities, medicare,
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social security. approaching $18 trillion. what we are talking about is the unfunded liability, they approached 127 trillion. jack said the other day that this is not a probably need to worry about. wrong. it is the number one issue i ran my campaign on. it is the most pressing economic problem. it is not a talking point. how serious is it? trillion in those four programs will exhaust the entire federal budget by 2030. ourwant to know why military policy is weak right now? the nondiscretionary part of the budget is taking all our money to pay for those four programs. another way of looking at it is that both the major programs, social security and medicare, will be bankrupt by 2030. you did not hear an answer from my opponent on how to solve the question.
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there will be no programs. byy will both be bankrupt 2030. that is the problem we have to fix. i propose fixes. jack talks until my stories and anecdotes, what he is leaving office that he is running negative at. go look up the footnotes. they are false. he says i'm going to's cancels also security for seniors. senior citizens are scatter their minds. and they're going to lose a major program -- >> time. [laughter] our next question. american energy production continues to expand with hydraulic fracturing
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technologies and shale development, creating additional u.s. jobs. we do support explain for oil and gas off the coast of virginia? >> absolutely. to saudi arabia's beneath the united states border that we should be taking advantage. the keystone pipeline is essential for the next wave of u.s. innovation. 1.5economy is growing at percent. china's growing at 7% rate we have to do something to revitalize the economy. energy is a resource that is sitting there, waiting for use. on the other side of the spectrum, the obamacare philosophy is, less regulate everything up a business out of business. when it comes to the epa, lets book a lot of business. the obama administration is parts of liquefied natural gas and fracking. they say it's too dangerous and want to shut down that.
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you are against 80% of the energy consumption in this country. when you go home tonight, you will use ipads, refrigerator, air conditioner, that is what were talking about. the future of this country is at stake. >> we need in all in approach. we do not need cronyism deciding who the winners and losers are. i ran against that. i want the free market choosing the lowest cost energy innovators, with. dollars onillions of failed investments by the government for folks who have crony relationships on wall lawyers, orncy special relationships to congress. that is not fair to the people competing. energy on above on
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resources. that is why i think you should send an economist to washington to fix the economy and restore confidence in our backs -- basic values. >> thank you. since you term limited yourself to 12 years, you will be out before the true social security crisis hits. [laughter] you were the one who has talked to seniors about being ready for bad medicine. all i said was i would keep my promise to seniors. in terms of energy i want to tell a quick story. i own a farm. i have a creek that runs along the back. meenvironmentalist said to your farm animals are polluting this water. , what doitive to this i need to do? he says plant the kind of plants
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that prevent erosion, that will help. i did this and went 60 feet on average from where the creek was. this friend came back out and said this isn't enough. it needs to be 200 yards out. i said my form is only 25 acres. my point,ve a farm energy is a shared responsibility. we need an epa looking out for environmental safety but not getting in the way of profitable business and expanding energy options. when it comes to offshore drilling, controversial issues, we can't turn the lights off based on what we are dependent on. sharedmes responsibility. we have to bear that burden. like me, putting up this zone, i
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voluntarily did that. >> thank you. isdr. trammell, there disagreement about whether congressional approval is necessary for current military actions in syria and iraq. do you think congressional authority is required for military action against isis? would you vote in support of the resolution authorizing these actions? >> i believe senator kaine and others are correct that this conversation should be taking place in congress. we have been to iraq once. we have been to iraq twice, we are on the verge to go a third time. at what point does that begin to say more about us than it does about what is happening in iraq? more clarityve about what our purpose is there.
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given the human cost and the economic cost, that conversation is best taking place in congress itself. i support senator kaine's initiative and believe the conversation should take place. who came backon wounded. he is a marine from afghanistan. i'm hesitant to put men and women into harm's way. we need to have a good reason and justification for them being there. we have a better shot of that justification being sound of we are having that conversation in ideasss where we have the and representation of viewpoints about the process. >> thank you. >> i agree with my opponent. senator kaine has it right. in the constitution it is the role of congress to give the final go-ahead on war.
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that is what is called for. i am for that. it is more interesting to look at the context in which this question arises. when you have answered the question for the president. but we are lacking is any strategic sensibility is with respect to foreign policy and military strategy overall. we are in crisis around the world and the president has not annunciated a foreign policy or strategic vision at all. out of the white house we have heard phrases like leading from behind. that has failed. lines, heard about red starting in syria. the president drew red lines. there was no consequence whatsoever. we have failed policy after failed policy. , andnow it is getting bad
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you don't have a strategic vision or military policy when jimmy carter comes out and criticizes president obama for having a week foreign policy. you know you are in trouble. the consequences for this country are not humorous. the threats coming are real. in aboutlready coming the threat of isis. we need to act appropriately. most of these debates are about tact six. the real issue is we don't have a strategy. going back, you go back to truman or eisenhower, we have had one foreign policy that matched up with the republican creed. pease is preserved through a national defense. >> thank you.
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>> our next question, a comprehensive immigration reform bill. take.s. house chose not to action. it has been reported the obama administration is going to act unilaterally on the issue. if elected would you support passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill? >> thank you. i do not support a comprehensive immigration bill because that is a pathway for 10 million illegal folks to come in on a pathway to citizenship. i discussed the humanitarian crisis we already have them waits at the border because of poor policy. when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, the piece that has been missing ever since ronald reagan tried in good faith to negotiate across the isle but it policy like that in place is a secure border.
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that is what we are missing. we do not have a secure border. reformensive immigration is code language to go beyond having a secure border into the capitalism i ran a grants -- ran against in the primary. our labor markets doing? terrible. it is the one part that is not mending. in the face of a financial crisis, the economy is not growing and poorly performing. crony capitalists want to bring in cheap labor. of course they do. it improves their profit. guess who it is bad for and who has to pick up the unintended cost. you, the taxpayer. that is what it is a 95% issue in the district. people are opposed to picking up the tab, not because they don't
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like people but because they are having a hard time making ends meet. when it comes to immigration reform, if you are negotiating in good faith for the other side they should absolutely be in favor of securing the border. that behind us, if we can pass legislation and work across the aisle to get a secure border in place, then i am open to listening to ideas. >> i don't think the president should act you are laterally in this situation. i think that is an admission in evidence that this do-nothing congress has failed. the conversation about immigration does belong in congress. it needs to be bipartisan. as dave alluded to, i think there is a hole in the middle where these conversations are not taking place. we need to elect people who are willing to reach across the
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aisle and work in a bipartisan manner. and i have worked together 15 years. that gives us some bipartisan experience. comprehensive immigration reform. i think without all the moving fees is in place it is not libel to function correctly. that includes border security. if we are going to make rules about the border we should enforce them. we shouldn't have any roles we are not intending to enforce. it needs expanded visas and other types of visas. it needs a clear path to citizenship. we need to have those pieces together. we can have them again. as an aside, i think it is interesting my opponent doesn't apply free-market economics to the labor force. the libertarian candidate would have something to say about this. i however believe that we need to have a border policy and all these other policies in a
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comprehensive package. >> thank you. >> our next question, labor participation is that i love going back to the 1970's. does congress have a role in changing the decline? >> can you clarify? >> workers in the workforce, employment. wife's employment levels. one way we can improve this is by going back to what i call when he first century version of henry clay's american system. in his that he focused on infrastructure. in 85% of this district people ourot have broadband access high-speed internet access. how can you do you -- how can you do business without that? that is the way i do business in the 21st century.
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it means infrastructure with transportation. right here we have two major interstates intersecting. we have two of the five major railroad corporations. we have access to a deep water port. this is a natural area we should be experiencing job growth and we are not. we are discussing tonight some of the reasons why that may be. -- undersipation dissipation is part of not equipping students when they come out of school. skills my communication i use in my work more than anything i can think of. can you show me a multiple-choice test that measures those skills? we are testing our children to death and not creating a workforce that is viable for the 21st century. in northern virginia there are apprenticeship programs. we are not being smart in how we help our young people get into
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the workforce. sometimes this doesn't mean a pathway to college. some people want to go into these and we need to invigorate our programs. i think educational reform is key to getting arab labor force back to where it needs to be. >> thank you. >> the labor force participation rate is at its post-world war ii low for understandable reasons. chief among them is obamacare. as i've gone around the district, nine counties in the city, two issues are on the front burner for every virginian i know everyone that runs a business. they are having a hard time hiring and staying in business. number one is obamacare. it is crushing small business.
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$1.7 trillion in regulatory burdens that comes in all sizes and shapes. it is hard to discuss quickly. ,f you're in the banking sector dodd frank was 1200 pages of financial reform. they are still filling in the blanks. it is hard to make future plans and business when you don't know what the law says. obamacare was three feet of legislation. so much for working across the aisle. i wish we had bipartisanship on that. getting back to the labor force participation rate, education is the way to solve that problem. we are not competing on a global level. math and science is not where they ought to be. solution which stands out above all others that we need to do to solve all of these problems is to get our economy
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growing again. i've served to governors in virginia. i did my phd on economic growth. that is why we need to send an economist to congress. you sense a recurring theme here? is way you hire people through business creation. hillary clinton said companies don't create jobs. on believable. unbelievable. likes your final question tonight, according to the american values survey, half of americans who once believed in the american dream defined as the belief that if you worked hard he will get ahead think it no longer exists. similarly, close to half of all americans over 18 years old think their generation is better off financially than their children's will be.
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as educators, and aspiring national leaders, what do you tell our students in the audience about to enter this challenging world and workforce to convince them that such a gloomy outlook is wrong? why thank you. this would have been my 19th year, i ran a program here called the laurel foundation -- moral foundations of capitalism. let's work on the moral foundations of capitalism and get this economy going again. the logic in this answer is the same as in the past. the american dream is in question. we need to send an economist up to washington to congress to do what? in our basicdence american institutions and
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principles, and values. i've done research on this for the past 20 years. one of the economists i follow is a simple thesis, if you want growth you better speak in moral terms that are positive. say business is good. i don't see that fame coming out of our administration. said thisinton just week businesses don't create jobs. i don't know. business is not the bad guy. business is the good guy. the first economic growth took , the usualrn history answers are not correct. it is not capital accumulation, not private property rights. it is when for the first time in human history we started calling business people morally good.
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that is a shocking thesis. i think she is correct. she has novell friends that say she is on the right have. i would say the american dream is within reach. we have to end the policies that are in place right now. obama does not seem to be friendly towards business. he wants to shut them down in policy after policy. >> that's time. >> >> point of clarification. hillary is not on the ballot. [laughter] for the record, i disagreed with what she said. i agree with you and the general sense. in terms of answering this for me answer a, let specific way first and then in a general way. , part of aific way we have two addresses through
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student loan reform. i met with doctors last week and they told me many of them will come out of med school with more than $300,000 in student loans. 29 years old. i asked when they will pay that off. the plan that we are on you pay it off when you are 60 years old. i thought about my own student loans coming out of grad school which i haven't paid off yet. obama and michelle obama didn't pay them off until the year before they went to the white house. we are shackling young people with an enormous amount of debt. we are charging them higher interest rates. i'm tang -- i'm paying 7.5%. by mortgage is at 3.87%. why are we doing this? addressing the student loan and the rising cost of tuition is key. we need to start designing our communities for your generation. some towns and communities are already doing this.
10:50 pm
danville is trying to do this. they are trying to the internet free and all the businesses, design cul-de-sac with bike trails behind the roads so you can ride to work. they are trying to design their communities for the twentysomething so that after you go to college you come back to your community and become a productive member of the economy. i think there is some community engineering we can do to help make this a world where you're going to be interested to be in the seventh district after you graduate. >> thank you. that was our last question. we will move on to closing statements. you won the coin toss on that. you elected to speak last. for what a great night. thank you for coming out and playing a part in the political process. it is important if you want the american dream to vote for me next tuesday. he will get it. [laughter]
10:51 pm
free marketsroven can turn economies around produce the american dream. our president continues to term -- turn to policies that have failed over the course of history and of the last six years. himselfts to distance and says that these people are not on the ticket. that is not the point. their policies are on the ticket. jack does not want to announce on his signs, but he is running as a democrat, he is taking democrat money, and he has democrat consultants. they should do in ethics paper for doing so. if i were tied to president ran againstcies, i them. you legal immigration is a disaster. -- illegal immigration is a disaster. i think you ought to send an economist to dc to fix the
10:52 pm
confidence provide once again in our core american institutions and values. let me go into detail on one example. jack says he doesn't want more taxes. obama is a trillion dollar tax hike, $1 trillion tax hike on americans. you can set you don't like taxes but he is for a program which is a trillion dollar tax hike. that problem is kicking virginians off their policies. these are not unintended consequences. this is how the law was written. i want to repeal and defund obamacare. i support a fair or flat tax. -- i pledged to secure programs for seniors going forward. likes that is time.
10:53 pm
-- >> that is time. >> dr. trammell? >> let me echo that and say thank you for having us here today. i look around the room and i see so many the milieu faces. i am hoping i'm not coming back. [laughter] you for being a part of this participatory democracy tonight. i would encourage us not to act out of fear, not to act out of a sense of crisis. i think we should go back to what i said initially, that we need to acknowledge our history, acknowledge where we are, and there are challenges there. we need to have the dreams of the future, to have the vision. that means two years from now i can come back and talk to you about comprehensive immigration reform.
10:54 pm
in two years i can come back and visit you and talk to about these cool climate improvement and special educators getting a break. will hold the department of education accountable. in two years i would like to come back and say a do-nothing congress has turned into a do something congress. in two years i would like to come back and say that we have made health care work better. i would like to come back and say we are doing better for veterans. we didn't talk about them much tonight. we need to reform the veterans affairs. i would like to come back and tell you we have jobs that we didn't have two years ago. i would like to tell you that we live in a safer world and be able to tell you young people that we are starting to rearrange the way we live in our community so you will come back and be a part of our community. the seventh district needs you here.
10:55 pm
i thank you for being here tonight and being a part of this shared vision. i ask for your vote. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> gentlemen, these folks appreciated you so much they didn't even wait for me to ask them to applaud. you. thank you have made us proud. we wish you the best of luck in the coming weeks.
10:56 pm
i would hate to see both of you -- i really don't want to see either of you come back. [laughter] [applause] we are going to welcome one of you back with very open arms. [laughter] morehose interested in debate discussion here tonight join us in the civilian for a postdebate town hall panel discussion. let's give our candidates another round of applause. [applause]
10:57 pm
>> join us tuesday for our live campaign 2014 election night coverage starting at 8:00 eastern. engage with us on election results on twitter at c-span or this evening obama and the first lady welcome children from the washington dc area and military families for trick-or-treating. the president and the first lady handed out hershey kisses, tangerine jellybeans, and kettle corn. here is a look. ♪
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♪ next, brian binnie talks about flying his -- his flying experience on virgin galactic 1. >> virgin galactic says it's
11:00 pm
patient 2 exploded today. one crew member was killed. the debris is scattered in the mojave desert. details are not yet available. piloted spaceship one in 2003. he is no longer with the company but in a recent appearance he described the experience and gave advice to private citizens buying tickets to ride on spice that spaceflight. >> ok. we are going to go ahead with the second part, this is brian binnie. he is a private astronaut. he flew spaceship 110 years ago -- splay s


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